Being Fully Present

Being Fully Present

Being fully present is all about being clear, conscious and fully aware of what’s going on within our inner world as well with our environment. Being fully present is also about being open and being receptive to the messages all around you and within. When we are fully present, we are mentally clear and emotionally stable; able to endure life and have access to our inner guide. To be and stay fully present with ourselves and the world, should not only be the objective but also the goal to living a much fulfilling life.

Being fully present may sound simple to achieve, but like all things in life it’s a process. When hosting my “Intuitive Development Classes” doing simple breathing techniques to let go of any junk within the body may not be enough. Sometimes we may have to dig deeper than what we previously thought. Often, when we set one issue free, another one takes its place, usually happening before the recent event that had occurred; there were times, when several issues had stockpiled, and it took an evening to get things clear so that we could move on. Being fully present is a process, especially for those of us who are intuitively sensitive.

Being fully present involves clearing ourselves on many levels. These levels are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; each may requiring a different process of clearing the blocks. Recognizing these issues can assist us to spot the problem and get rid ourselves of any clutter that could be preventing us from achieving and manifesting the life that we desire. The more aware we are of the internal war waging within ourselves and what is causing it, the more power we obtain to effectively clear ourselves. At the end of the day, it’s all about becoming aware of the clearing process, knowing how to discern our own clutter and obtaining the power to clear them so that we may be fully present in the moment and enjoy life.

The types of clutter that exist within yourself oftentimes block you from being able to manage yourself and or develop healthy coping skills whenever a circumstance needs your full attention. Many blocks exist in what I like to call “Bodies” where the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual reside in. For each “Bodies” or “Body”, each block may require a different approach or process of clearing. Knowing or having an idea of what the clutter is, can assist us in the clearing process.


Often, the mind works in a constant loop, always repeating information or taking information and repeating information on any given point of interest, which ties in with a strong emotional point. But here we will look at the cause for mental blocks, and hopefully recognize them so that we may be able to discern what the clutter are.

Limited Self Beliefs-living out of fear.

Unfinished projects or task-putting things off.

Not dealing with unwanted stuff-Cluttered space, useless junk, ignoring unhealthy conditions.

All of this creates noise within our minds called “clutter”. Each mental block or clutter creates a greater divide within our inner world, producing what I like to call psychological black holes or simple, a block; which prevents us from being the full potentiality that we are. As the divide continues to widen within yourself, it becomes harder to listen to the intuitive part of you, thus making it harder to trust our true inner voice.


Unresolved feelings towards situation’s, others or yourself– Creating trigger points within your inner world through suppressed feelings.

Not confronting uncomfortable individuals or situations-Prolonging the discomfort within self.

Not forgiving ourselves or others– Holding on to grudges, feelings or unresolved matters.

Not sticking to your personal integrity or moral standing– unfulfilled moral obligations or not standing within your integrity.


Not taking care of health concerns– Self neglect.

Not taking appropriate medication or vitamins– Self neglect.

Not exercising or getting enough of it– Self neglect through .

Unwise eating– poor eating habits.

Neglect of bodily sensations and feelings– Not listening to self or ignoring the concern of the body.



Feeling exhausted upon waking up – possible entity attachment and or energy drain, possible physical issue, diet related.

Shift in moods around others– being ungrounded

Feeling the emotions of others-Empathy, needs to be cleared of residues from others, no appropriate boundaries or proper space. Possible victim mentality.

Sense of being scattered– possible energy attachments and or space is cluttered, being grounded.

This is a short list of possible scenarios to look out for, but they do key in to what we need to look out for if we are not clear. It’s important to understand that some individual’s may have more issues in one particular body or all of them; it just depends on the individual.

Empowerment Through Creative Choice

Empowerment Through Creative Choice

When faced with detrimental situations, and or finding ourselves confronted with limited to no options; we may convince ourselves that we either have no way out or that we may have to make a decision based on the circumstance at hand. It’s during these times that life is calling us to remember who we are, by allowing us to ask ourselves what is truly going on within our inner world, and what we may need to do to be happy again.

It’s during these times that we can embrace a new way or path for ourselves; this new way or path can be forged through the creative choice! The process through the creative choice empowers us to stand within our own divine light and experience. The creative choice is a personal conviction based upon one’s own beliefs, in what an individual feels within their heart will truly make them happy. Think about Enduring Happiness.

When faced with poverty, homelessness, abuse or possibly addiction; there are approaches that we can make to create a life of endured happiness; and this approach can be discovered through the process of the Creative Choice.

The 5 approaches to Empowerment through the creative choice:

1. Knowing what you want!

How easy this may sound, this can often times be the reason why there is a block in our lives in the first place. Sometimes the block is there because we either were living a life our parents wanted for us, and we never really explored what we really wanted to experience; or we may have endured hardships for a long period of time and have learned to accept the perceived reality that is before us, often times with the mental phrase “This is the real world, and this is how life works.” Or things may suddenly have occurred or things could have changed in the blink of an eye. There could be many reasons why, but this moment the here and now is the best moment to bring change.

Finding empowerment through the creative choice requires that we take a deeper look and ask ourselves, “What do I really want out of life? What will make my life really fulfilling?” This is when we should focus on creating a life of enduring happiness, happiness that last a lifetime. Happiness that last a lifetime have characteristics of mental clarity, emotional grounding, financial stability, good or improved physical health, and psychological well-being.

If you are still unsure about what you truly want, start with the basics. Get a pen and paper; ask yourself what you immediately want now in this present moment? It could be getting a new job, exercise more, feeling better about who you are, being comfortable in your own skin, having that new car, eating better, having a romantic partner, improving one’s own spiritual practice or reading more. Then take these immediate wants and stretch them over a life span of 20 to 30 years even 50 to 80 years. Ask yourself, how can I live a life of enduring happiness from these lists of wants?  You may find that some wants require much inner work to be done. At the end of the day, knowing what you want will open doors to realities within yourself that you may not know had existed.

2. Understanding that you are worthy!

Understanding that you are worthy is vital to your existence! Often we fall prey to our own limited beliefs about what we are worthy or deserving of. We begin to settle for less, believing that whatever circumstance we are in or whatever situation we are confronted with is what we have to accept and endure.

Having feelings of worthlessness makes us vulnerable to abuse and self-abuse and neglect. We in turn allow ourselves to become victims in a reality that is not suitable for our health or ultimate growth. You must truly feel in your heart that you are worthy! To feel more worthy, try looking in the mirror and talk to yourself about the things you want to experience and feel; reflect on the best attributes about yourself, and or learn to take more accountability for how you interact with yourself and others. Become more pro-active in uplifting your own moods and feelings. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it!

3. Create a workable plan!

Creating the workable plan is the way out of the deep dark hole we may have created for ourselves. We must understand how this hole got there in the first place and that you have the power to create a way out. Sometimes the hole is born out of inactivity in our own lives, allowing unhealthy things to persist, sudden events and or having limited self-beliefs about oneself.

The workable plan may seem radical to family or friends, but it’s not about them, it’s about you and getting your foot on the best path. The workable plan needs your faith, endurance and purpose to move forward. Without any of those characteristics, the workable plan can slip through the cracks of your fingers. When the workable plan is based on the foundation of motivated happiness for oneself, you gather the strength to persevere and move forward!

The workable plan can have a series of small achievable task or to do list that you can complete.

4. Following through with the workable plan!

As you complete each plan and task; no matter how small or big they are, treat yourself! This is the best time to be kind and gentle with yourself. Rather it’s something as small as drinking tea, buying yourself a meal, or going out for the weekend. Enjoy yourself because you know in your heart that you are worthy! We have a tendency as individuals to be self-critical or destructive towards ourselves and one another. Remember, you are worthy and it may take some time to get use to treating yourself well. We have gotten use to abusing ourselves and allowing our actions against ourselves to go unchecked.

As we follow through with the workable plan, each task we complete, creates greater emotional and mental well-being within ourselves; closing the divide that was once there. Over time, you will trust yourself more, express your wants to the world and find that you are worth fighting for!

5. Remembering why you wanted a fulfilling and empowering life from the start.

While going through the process of empowering ourselves through the creative choice, we must not forget that we are making a choice through purposeful living by remembering that you want a happier and much fulfilling life. Sometimes, we may get sidetracked by our own moods & feelings, thoughts about a particular situation, or friends or family; but never allow those things to make you forget who you are by the sacrifices that you made to have a purposeful life experience.

As we strive to empower ourselves through the creative choice, we also inspire others to do the same. We find that through the creative choice, that we live with purposeful living and life begins to transcend and transform itself on many levels. The creative choice not only empowers you, but it creates a stronger inner faith and belief that life is worthy to be enjoyed and celebrated personally and with others.

Spiritual Techniques Part 1 “Pyramid of Protection”

In this crazy world, so much is going on, so much is happening not only in the media, but also in the background where things can not be seen. In this post I would like to help many of you out by sharing a technique that I have found to be very useful. In advance I would like to thank an unknown source that I would like to give credit to. If you by any chance find this post, contact me so I can give credit… Let’s move on. Being “Spiritual” and when I say spiritual, I’m talking about dealing with all the complexities of the spiritual realms, dimensions, mental and emotional constructs. Because my sensitivities are getting stronger as I get older, many of the realities are starting to merge. As my awareness and sensitives are getting stronger, I’m finding myself having to do some deep healing and cleansing from within; having to get rid of old systems that no longer serve myself and release burdens that have unhealthily had a harmful impact on my life so that I may have a smooth transition with these merging realities. Much of these realities are integration’s of the self, which allow for greater perception of self and reality. In this it’s very important to understand that having an environment cleared of spiritual and physical distractions is important and vital to raising your spirit from the dead.

Being a “High Sensitive Person” (HSP) I’m constantly clearing myself from spiritual parasites, implants, dysfunctions, spirits, and possibly inter-dimensional beings. Picture trying to sleep with various beings, from various sources coming in and out of your space while your trying to sleep. Being a sensitive person, I’m also sensitive to the energies of others, TV’s and artificial lights. Because of all of this, I had to do something; and creating a bubble around myself was not enough. At the end of the day, it felt like I was under attack from various things. Now I have heard the saying, “You attract who you are”. In many cases this is true, but this is not true for all people. Sometimes you just have a light that attracts all of life. In finding this technique that I’m about to share I was able to go to sleep, and it was an odd feeling walking around my own space with no one around. Interesting enough, I could feel the peacefulness, and inspiration of working on my projects came back to me. As soon as the shield dropped, everything came back. But I’m no longer afraid, I realize my power to overcome all things, and everything. So here it is, the “Pyramid of Protection” Technique. Always remember you can also tweak things to suite your personal needs




First things first, if by any chance this is your first time doing any type of putting shields up, it’s important to understand that visualization is vital and powerful once we are able to utilize its functions. Besides that it would be really great to learn the basics of clearing, grounding, and protecting yourself. Now let’s move on!

Step One- Getting comfortable

Get comfortable, sit cross-legged, or lay down on your back. But in whatever case get comfortable. I prefer sitting up, or cross-legged styled, I find that It’s easier for me to visualize, plus I’m able to put forth more effort in my work.  Once you are comfortable  take a few deep breaths. Inhale…. Exhale… Relax…

Step Two- Visualization 

Begin to visualize a pyramid in front of you. I tend to visualize a gold, white, or purple pyramid; sometimes I play with colors and infuse them. Begin to expand this pyramid around you and beyond you. Let the pyramid expand beyond your property. Set the pyramid on the ground, continue to visualize it. If you can, begin to sense its presence.

Make the pyramid a solid. Sometimes I will make a solid tick glass, unbreakable! Once you are done begin to make another pyramid. This time this will be an upside down pyramid. I tend to visualize this pyramid as a green unbreakable thick glass or stone. Put this upside down Pyramid under the right side up pyramid; both pyramids will shape a diamond. This upside down pyramid will ground and secure your newly shaped diamond around your property, giving you full protections and stability.

Note: The upside down pyramid is underground. The right side up pyramid is atop.

Step Three- The Calling

Once your pyramid is set, you can command it to last how many days you want. I tend to ask for 3 days, knowing that energy can dissipate overtime, sometimes 4 days. Once you have commanded how long you want your pyramid to last, you may call upon whoever you trust for protection. Some people may call upon God, the divine, one’s own protectors, guardian angels, higher self, etc… It’s up to you. I call upon Archangel Michael, I have communicated with him often for other various things. hahaha. What you are going to do is ask for help in clearing your space, such as requesting that all negative or unhealthy beings, spirits, parasites, leave your space now. Michael is great in doing this type of work. I tell Michael, that no matter who argues with you,  they must leave. They have no place there. After this I only allow my guides to come in, or healthy pure intent inter-dimensional beings.

After a while you may get a little creative. Enjoy the peacefulness that comes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns do reach me at


How Taking Accountability Brings Happiness

Working as a counselor for the youth, I found it amazing that a lot of fault was pushed upon me; much more from the residents that I was working with. To be honest, my ideals were challenged, and I found that my foundation was great when it came to dealing with the young men that were transitioning into the real world. Working with the youth with criminal backgrounds, neglect and or abuse I found myself having to rely on my understandings and previous experience in how I was able to get through hard times. Often when I would enforce the program rules I would get a lot of back lash.  What I found very interesting was that many of the residents would blame me for their actions, feelings, emotions, or events that would possibly not work in their favor. Often I would remind the young men that when you take accountability for your actions, feelings and emotions, that you are much happier. Luckily this was a lesson that I had recently learned just before I got hired, and I did not know that this lesson would assist me in facing the challenges of the program. While I may have dealt with disgruntle employees, or manipulative tactics from the residents, I found myself being calm and firm in who I was as a person, and able to continue with activities that made me truly happy. When I took accountability for my feelings, I took harshness of what people had to say not personally. I found that I could pick and choose how I feel in every moment of the day. What was very interesting, was that the threats I had received from the residents did not scare me. I would often ask myself; “why did this not make my heart jump?” So it was within this experience that I would like to share “what it means to take accountability for who you are as a person” and “how to utilize taking accountability for your actions to live a much healthy and happier life.

What does it means to take accountability? To take accountability is to be responsible. In taking responsibility for yourself you are able to respond and direct your inner stimuli, actions, thoughts and feelings. In taking accountability you begin to develop and further your creativity, perspective, and purpose. In taking accountability we say, “I no longer accept the feelings, thoughts, and actions that make me upset and unhappy”. In this knowing we begin to put an end to external stimuli that create harsh realities within ourselves. In taking accountability we experience the following:





  1. You Understand Your Worth- When you take accountability, you begin to understand your worth; what makes you happy and doing those activities that make you happy. Being happy is not only limited to enjoying life’s little luxuries but also taking care of your health, having financial stability, mental and emotional health and maturity. To be happy is to take the wholesome approach to total well-being. When you understand your worth you begin to control your mental, spiritual, and physical environment; you know when to say no, and know when to open up to the joy of others.
  2. You No Longer Accept Abuse From Others- In taking accountability, you step away from anything that is abusing, or can lead to self-abuse. You will find that you want to step away from those external and internal stimuli that lead to unhealthy consequences. You may find yourself drifting away from old friends and acquiring new ones who have the same healthy approach or perspective that you have. You may decide that you want to eat better, or drop a relationship that no longer serves your higher vision.
  3. You listen to, Value, and Follow Your Heart- While the opinion of others can be golden, you will begin to listen to your own heart. Others who may have had influence over your life may notice the change, and in some cases may rebel. You must be the revolutionary of your being to bring a true evolution in your life and it all begins when you listen to your heart and following your passion. When you listen to your heart, you will learn what needs to be done to live in fulfillment and in sync with your life. If you want to know what your heart is yearning for take the time to clear, ground, and shield yourself; feel your presence, and write down the things you would like to experience in your life. Within this exercise you are gaining perspective in what your heart is yearning for. Remember, the heart is where your true power resides, it’s your soul calling forth its passion in life.
  4. You Discover Your Voice- When you take accountability, you begin to verbally express yourself. I found that I would start to refer to myself in third person, “James is not going to subject himself to this!” or “James is going to take care of some business”. I begin to speak up for myself, my wants, my needs, and my demand to be happy; it was life transforming. This was the beginning of establishing my individualized “I Am” presence.
  5. You Discover Your presence-When you take accountability, you begin to sense the “I Am” presence. It’s a presence like no other. You begin to feel present in the moment; it brings an aliveness like no other. It’s an experience beyond words that only the Individualized “I Am” presence can bring. When I first discovered the “I Am” presence, I was trying to figure out what it was until I realized it was my own presence. In clearing and grounding myself twice a day the presence became stronger, and I could call upon it just by thinking about it. It was a presence that made me secure in my quest in developing my creative and expressive side.
  6. You Experience Self-Empowerment and Creativity- When you take accountability, you begin to understand what it’s to be alive, to live from your passions and your creativity. Your unique journey becomes a living truth; your truth! You begin to accept the experiences of life; you’re able to see the dramas of life as scenarios that your subconscious is constantly playing out. You realize that within your being there is a power, a calmness that observes the emotions, thoughts, and feelings. What emerges next, is the yearning to pursue your creativity, to explore it, and express it. You find that your creativity is your power, your divinity, how you function in the world, and how you relate to others. Afterwards it’s all about expanding your will.

Of course these wonderful things takes time, and it’s a process worth going through and experiencing. But once you are through the experience, there is a live-ness to life like no other, a flame is rekindled in you. You understand once again what it’s like to be child existing within your inner heaven. It’s through your renewed and refreshed being that you discover the divine in newer ways. Not only are you a creator but also a co-creator of your inner environment and an influencer upon others around you.